I’m Antonia…the founder of BumpyCrafts and BumpyYarn. 

We have just relocated back to our home Country, UK and are now lucky and excited to be living in Worthing. 

It all started 9 years ago, I left my home in the UK and moved to Germany with my husband and, at the time, my 12 year-old triplets. Although we were excited to start our new life, over the years, we have had to face some challenges without family or friends to support us. 

These challenges created a lot of stress for me, but I found that my previous hobby of knitting and crochet helped me regulate my anxiety, happiness and mood. 

There is a proven connection between knitting and crocheting and being calm and happy, plus the social aspect of yarn hobbies also helps my mental health by meeting up with other yarn enthusiasts or chatting on social media and sharing my latest projects

As I did more, I found I was getting disorganised and I realised I needed a project bag that would not only store my project, but would also organise all my extras… tape measure, pattern, scissors, notions etc. I felt that if my project was housed properly, then I would have a more organised mind.

But despite looking all over the place, I couldn’t find that perfect project bag…so I created my own. Then I thought maybe other people would want one too and that is when BumpyCrafts was born. 

I work with my sidekick Snowy, our Westiepoo pooch! She is always with me when I am crafting, keeping me company. Normally, she will lie by my feet sleeping, but on occasion she will bump my leg with her nose, so I know she wants something, hence her nickname Bumpy…and the name of the company!

I love starting a new project and I make sure each one I’m working on has a specific bag, so that I can get it and myself organised, (plus it stops me kneeling on scissors, this is a very real thing!) I know many of you feel the same and that’s why I create lots of different styles and sizes. 

I decided to start BumpyYarn when I purchased my first hand-dyed yarn. The colours, uniqueness and softness of the yarn, got me hooked! Luxury hand-dyed yarn is a real treat. It is a wonderful investment to purchase quality yarn. When I gift something I have made, I know the recipient will feel the softness and quality of the yarn and that it will last.

Using good quality, locally sourced natural yarns which are a renewable source and using cotton for my project bags, which is biodegradable, helps the environment. This is important to me. What we do today, taking small steps, will make a positive difference in protecting our environment for our children and the planet´s future!

I like to dye BumpyYarns with a theme in mind, taking inspiration from the world around me, or a memory or favourite movie or tv show. Sometimes it can be a name that triggers a unique colour way. I studied art and fashion design at college, and I know that my love of art plays an important role in the colour choices I make. The joy it brings me creating the yarns, I hope reflects in the finished product. BumpyYarn is not mass produced, it is created with love on a small scale.

I have started to design knitting patterns. This is a challenging creative outlet for me, it really gets my brain working! All patterns are thoroughly tested.

Another aspect of the business that is important to me is inclusivity. Yarn hobbies do not discriminate, we can all benefit from the relaxation and joy they bring. I want BumpyCrafts to be a welcoming inclusive place people can shop, knowing they are making a purchase for themselves that will help them with the daily stresses of life. 

I have a collection in my shop for PRIDE. A percentage of sales from this collection goes to support mental health in the LGBTQ+ community. This is an important part of my business, we all have a right to choose who we love. I hope you will enjoy the yarns, project bags and accessories I make for this collection.

I hope crafting gives you as much joy as it’s give me and I hope you will enjoy your visit today. If I can be of any help, please contact me at: bumpycrafts@gmail.com