Pet Bandanas

Bandanas for pets are a great way to show your beloved friend’s personality. The bandana simply slips onto your pet’s collar, it won't fall off and your pet can strut their stuff in one of these stylish, fun bandanas without the anxiety of them feeling like they have human clothes on! They instantly add a funky new element to your dog or cats look.
The bandanas can provide warmth in the winter around your pet’s neck, wet it in the summer, to help cool your pet and it can even make a scary dog look less scary to another dog walker, by wearing something playful.
One of the best reasons people buy their pets bandanas is because almost all dogs and cats are comfortable wearing them. It’s normal for owners to get their dogs and cats used to a collar, so it isn’t a stretch to slip a bandana onto a collar, your pet would not notice the difference.  

I will be donating a percentage of sales to Wadars Animal Rescue who are a fabulous pet rescue and wildlife charity local to Worthing. For more information on Wadars please go to