Patchwork & Embroidery Project Bags

This is my exclusive patchwork and embroidery collection of Project Bags and accessories. I love patchwork and how relaxing and creative it can be. I have recently discovered free motion embroidery, ofter referred to as machine sketching. It is a skill that will no doubt grow and will enhance other types of project bags. 

Every bag is unique in fabric, design and style. They are individual and not repeatable. Many hours are invested in each bag to piece together the hand cut fabric cotton patches that I have taken from my fabric collection. Many hours go into  embroidering a bag, whether by hand or machine. I either embroider directly onto a bag or on to the patchwork pieces. 

I hope you enjoy the beauty of these bags. If you would like to read more about why I created this patchwork collection, check out my blog post: What's behind my patchwork project collection?