What's happening, I'm a monogamous knitter!

I have always preferred being a monogamous knitter. Dedicating my time to one project, allows my mind to stay focused, enjoy the project and see it through to the end. Whilst I’m knitting on this solitary project, I’m already planning my next move in my head... will it be a bigger, time consuming project like a shawl, or sweater or a quick gratifying knit, that doesn’t take a lot of time and gives me instant pleasure like socks, mittens or a hat?! In the past, when I have seen social media posts of others with many many projects on the go at one time, I admire them, being able to cope, but knew it wasn’t for me, I needed the control of just one project.

I broke my monogamy rule in October when I decided to cast on the amazing Slipstravaganza mystery knit a long by Stephen West using Gale, Avocado, Chocolate Red Velvet Cake and Cherry Mocha BumpyYarn colours.

I'm absolutely loving it! The clues for this shawl come in once a week, so if I finish early, I have nothing to work on. So, I decided to design a sock using Seashell BumpyYarn and I’ve been working on this in between these pauses. I never thought I would enjoy two projects on the go at the same time, being able to cope with not dedicating all my time to one pattern, but it's been surprising! I must admit, at times I have been a good few days or even now, a whole week behind with the shawl, but it’s not given me the stress I thought I would have, as I know I’m still being productive with my Shell sock pattern.

Last night, my daughter and I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with the lights out, my favourite of all the series! I sat watching the movie, really enjoying the atmosphere, but, I realized very quickly, I don’t enjoy just sitting, I have to be doing something productive as well! I know my family find it hard to believe that I can concentrate on a particular programme and knit at the same time, but for me, they go hand in hand and are all part of the relaxation, switch off process! Because the room was dark, I was unable to knit on the MKAL Slipstravaganza Pattern, I couldn’t see the pattern to follow and it was the same for the sock I was designing! How I wished I had a third simple repeatable project on my needles, that didn’t require me to see a pattern, what has happened to me? Three projects on the go at one time!!!!

So today, I am going to either gather some left over yarn for some scrappy socks or pick a skein with a lovely colour and cast on a second pair of vanilla socks. I’m even tempted to cast on a fourth project of the Alaska hat by Camille Descoteaux for my husband (a lovely friend in the USA did a swap with me for the exact yarn from this photo, it's Knit Picks Stroll which I can't get here in Germany),

or a pair of Chelsea mittens by Sashka Macievich for me. I've knit these before, it's such a lovely pattern.

How I’ve changed...why have I changed...is it because I need my mind to be constantly focused during this pandemic? I know I don’t enjoy just sitting, my mind wanders for too long at the moment...thinking about our wobbly future and what is happening in the world.

I’ve always said how therapeutic I find knitting, but it’s even more noticeable right now during this very stressful time. I can’t sit in front of the television without a project on the go to help center myself, to keep me relaxed and dedicated to what I am watching. Even if I’m not watching tv, if I’m just sitting, I have to be crafting!

I’m so thankful to have this hobby, I realize more than ever, how much it helps me keep order to my day. Now when I hear of other people with lots of projects on the go, I will understand more...there are many many reasons why we could have more than one project on the go, boredom, enjoyment, addiction or need!

Whether you are a monogamous knitter or a lover of many dalliances, I hope you too, find as much enjoyment, relaxation and solace in your projects as I do. If you need me, you’ll find me deep in my stash, deciding unashamedly which yarn and project bag I am going to be using for my third and fourth love affair with my knitting. 

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  • Margaret Woodcock

    I thought very much like you at first but I now very much enjoy having the choice on which project to knit on for the mood/frame of mind I am in sometimes i want to knit on a certain project no matter what colour other times item is not the project that’s important but it’s the yarn colour that draws me or then I just pick up my mitred square blanket to carry on as no pattern, yarn is puck n mix out of left overs mindless knitting but its thoroughly enjoysble. I have two socks on the go at the moment plus my blanket and have just wound bumoycraft/Camber Sands to start a pair of mittens welcome to the club Antonia Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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