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Hi, I am Antonia owner and creator of BumpyCrafts, a hand dyed yarn, project bag and accessories online shop. BumpyCrafts was born in December 2016 when I opened my first shop on etsy www.bumpycrafts.etsy.com. Now in 2020, having time to reevaluate my business, due to the Pandemic, I am wanting more flexibility with my online presence, and so I decided to create my own website www.bumpycrafts.com

BumpyChat is my new blog space. It is somewhere I will share future BumpyCrafts and BumpyYarn ideas with you. Perhaps new bag designs, yarn colour ways or collection ideas, competitions and clubs or collaborations. I am always having new thoughts and inspirations and sharing them with you, I think, would be a great way to communicate with you how BumpyCrafts & BumpyYarn is developing. 

I hope BumpyChat will be a great place to share my love of knitting, especially socks and shawls or crocheting projects that I discover. Hopefully they may tempt you to try the pattern for yourself! 



Sometimes I may chat about knitting or crochet and my mental health, or about other important areas of my own self discovery. 

I may share experiences with you about living near Munich in Germany and where I have taken my project to work on. I love on the go knitting and there are so many beautiful places to visit!

I am unsure how often a blog will be posted, I don't want to waffle for the sake of it, but I do like a good chat!

I hope you will enjoy BumpyChat and I look forward to writing again soon,

Antonia x


  • Patricia A Rader

    Please put me on your mailing list for receiving future similar write-ups. Thank you.

  • Patricia Rader

    Thanks for the lovely blog and project ideas. All beautiful.

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